The Diamond Marathon White Gold Pendant and Necklace.

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Win our unique Diamond set Marathon Pendant

The Diamond & White Gold Marathon Pendant and Necklace.

Win our unique Diamond set Marathon Pendant

Carol and myself with the pendant in the showroom at Form Bespoke Jewellers.

Win our unique Diamond set Marathon Pendant

Me with my Mum and Sister.

This is a completely one off design and one that won't ever be replicated!

At 40 years old I'm too old to play rugby anymore, but not quite ready to hang my trainers up yet..


I've decided to put myself up for Manchester marathon on the 28th of April and at the same time raise some money for an amazing local "Yorkshire Yorkshire Yorkshire" charity!


You lucky people you- you've got a brilliant chance to win my uniquely made Diamond set  Marathon Necklace and Pendant in White Gold, hand crafted by myself at Form Bespoke Jewellers in Leeds, Chapel Allerton.


Made completely out of white gold and set with a total diamond weight of 0.265 carats (see what I've done..) Miles / Carats.. clever I know!



I met with Carol Robertson, the founder of Brain Tumour Research and Support across Yorkshire and she told me (very modestly) about how she has taken the charity from just an idea to the amazing charity it is today. Over 10 years the charity has gone from strength to strength with the support, help and determination of the charity trustees, supporters and incredible patients, so much has been achieved and it's the tip of the iceberg for what Carol wants!!



Some of you may know that my Mum passed away to brain cancer some years ago, so this charity is very close to my heart and one I'm very keen to raise funds for. Carol is incredibly focused on where all the funds are spent and every penny is put to work!!

So I'm hoping we can all help Carol with that!


So here's the skinny-

The competition is to guess my finish time, easy!

The closest lovely person to my chip time will win the pendant, it has a RRP of £559.00 so I think £20 to have a chance of winning it is 'cheap as chips'.


Please see my page-


A few words of my previous running / jogging experience to help you get as close as possible.

I've done a few sprint triathlons over the past couple of years, one Olympic distance in 2hrs 36mins last September.

In 2007 I did Leeds half in 1hr 48mins.

2012 Leeds half again in 1hr 39mins.

After finishing both a swore never to run that far again...

I did 17 miles a few weeks ago and crawled home, I was too tired to look at my watch I'm afraid!

I'm hoping to complete the marathon in under 4hrs.

If there's two or more people that have the same time it'll go to a lucky dip. I don't want any falling out :)


I hope you like the necklace and pendant and are going to get involved, it's all for 'chariti mate' and a fantastic one at that!


Also if you could be so kind as to share this post please with as many of your social media buddies to give us as much coverage as possible that would be tremendous!


Just think how smug you'll feel knowing you've got a stunning birthday or Christmas present in the bag! ...Or how sparkly you'll be if you've won it for yourself, go on you know you're worth it!


I really appreciate your support and this is helping me a great deal to get my bum out in the cold dark nights and is driving me on to complete this challenge, which seemed a good idea at the time..!

Happy guessing everyone,